Shares Australian and International

Shares Australian and International

Australian Shares

Sequoia Wealth Management provides clients with access to trade direct shares on the ASX through our experienced team of advisors. Whether your investment goals are to maximise potential returns or minimise risk, the investment team can work with you to tailor an appropriate investment strategy. Researching and Investing in direct shares can be a difficult task for those without sufficient time and experience. Using our extensive knowledge of the market, experience and research, our team of advisers constantly monitor the market to identify a range of trading and investment opportunities. Sequoia Wealth Management accounts and their assets remain registered in our client’s names which also limit potentially adverse financial implications when transferring shares to and from your portfolio. With your Insights and Ours, trading and investing in shares with Sequoia Wealth Management will be a rewarding experience.

International Shares

Sequoia Wealth Management clients have the ability to increase their investment opportunities by investing in International Markets.

Investing in International markets can provide a number of benefits to enhance the return profile of your portfolio.

Offering the major global exchanges, you will have the ability to invest in sectors that are not available in the Australian market and enjoy the diversification benefits that these offer. Investing in foreign markets also offers clients with the ability to gain exposure to emerging markets and smooth the sometimes volatile returns from single market investments.

The reporting of your International holdings is seamlessly presented together with your ASX holdings as a single report.