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Shares Australian and International

Sequoia Wealth Management can assist you with all your dealings in Australian and International Shares.

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Options (Exchange Trade)

Exchange trade options can be a valuable tool for investors to complement their existing share portfolio

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Corporate Actions

Sequoia Wealth Management clients can gain access to IPO’s, Capital raisings and company placements;

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Contracts For Difference

Contracts for difference are for investors who are prepared to use margin to buy or sell in the CFD market.

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Margin Lending

If you would like to use margin to invest in the equity market Sequoia Wealth Management can assist…

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Life Insurance

If something was to happen to you would you and your family be able to meet your debt repayments

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Sequoia Wealth Management provides research for the benefit of our clients

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Portfolio Reporting

Sequoia Wealth Managements clients have access to a range of reporting options for their investments.

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