About Insurance

About Insurance

Are You And Your Family Covered?

We often find that many people spend their lives building a particular lifestyle and overlook the need to protect what they have built, usually with a great deal of sacrifice.

Each year thousands of Australians suffer illness, injury, or die unexpectedly. These events can have catastrophic impacts on the individual and their surrounding support network.

Triggers To Review Your Insurance

It’s important to remember to review your insurance needs, especially when your personal situation undergoes a significant change.

  • Debt increases or decreases;
  • You get married or divorced;
  • Your financial dependents increase or decrease;
  • You have a new job or a salary increase;
  • You change the way your business is structured or change business partners.

Sequoia Asset Management can review your insurance needs to ensure that you continue to be adequately covered and that the insurance product remains to be the most appropriate for your needs.